While many line and dot laser levels come with wall mounts, having a tripod is essential when working with a rotary laser level. However, any laser level can benefit from a good tripod.If anything, tripods are more useful indoors since you no longer have to take the time to put up the wall mounting for your laser level, you can just move you tripod around as needed.

So whether you are land surveying, grading, or even installing some cabinets, if you have to break out your handy laser level for the job, you mind as well have the best laser level tripod on hand to help as well and make things easier.

Bosch BT 150 Lightweight Compact Tripod with Adjustable Legs

At just over 2 pounds, the Bosch BT 150 is the lightest tripod you will find. This makes it easy to carry and adjust and completely forgivable that it doesn’t have a carrying strap. However, while it is designed for laser levels and it can be used outside, it wasn’t made for specific outdoor use in mind. The fact that it has stable flat feet instead of the points that can really dig into soft soil if needed means it can be unstable on uneven terrain.

However, if you are working on projects indoors or flat surfaces, its adjustable height of between 22 inches and 61 inches makes it great for most projects. However, another unfortunate downside is that it might not be compatible with all models. This is a Bosch tripod and it is made to be compatible with Bosch laser levels. However, its ¼-inch x 20 mounting thread may work with other models, but you would need to know the measurements. However, if you already have a Bosch laser level, you won’t have any problems with this tripod.

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Dewalt DW0737 Heavy Duty Tripod

Like its name suggests, theDewalt DW0737 is built for maximum strength. Its pointed feet make it stable on indoor surfaces, but provide the maximum benefit if you ever need to use it on grass or dirt. Although it is made from heavy duty aluminum, it still manages to weigh only a manageable 8 pounds. Even then, if that is too much for you, it comes with a built-in carrying strap so you can sling it over your shoulder and go.

Featuring a flat head design with 5/8-inch x 11 threaded mounting studs, mounting is easy and this tripod isn’t one that is limited to just Dewalt laser level models either. Furthermore, you can adjust the height between 38 inches and 60 inches that allows the flexibility of height for your project.

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AdirPro Telescoping Pole with Tripod and Laser Mount

Are you not a fan of having to bend over and adjust tripod legs? Then getting a telescoping pole can solve your problem and probably save you some back pain. Typically telescoping poles are sold separately from tripods as an accessory, but this AdirPro model is essentially a telescoping pole with its own little tripod already attached. The legs on the tripod don’t adjust, but it comes with a mount for both line and rotary laser levels that can have its height adjusted between 31 inches and 53 inches along the pole.

However, this is very much an indoor, or at least a concrete sort of tripod. While it is made of heavy duty aluminum, it does use rubber flat feet which are non-slip, but can make it unstable on soft or uneven surfaces like grass. Despite that, this telescoping pole tripod hybrid is easy to adjust and comes with both a 5/8-inch and ¼-inch mounting thread, which accommodates almost any laser level product, even the heavier rotary laser level models.

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CST/Berger 60-ALQR120-O Heavy-Duty Contractor Aluminum Tripod

Although it is advertised as lightweight, this CST/Berger tripod tops the charts at a pretty hefty 13 pounds. However, if you prioritize strength and stability over everything else, this is the best laser level tripod you can buy.

Perfect for both outdoor and indoor use by contractors, surveyors, and engineers with its pointed feet and aluminum craftsmanship, you can also trust that it is made to last with electrostatically powder painted casing. With positive locking clamps it makes adjustment easier than with many other standard tripods while still having a stable hold that serious craftsmen need. Although it is on the heavier side, it also comes with its own built-in carrying strap so you can just hoist it on your shoulder and go. With a maximum height of 65 inches and 5/8-in x 11 mounting threads, this is a tripod up to any task.

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Johnson Level and Tool 40-6350 Universal Tripod Kit

Typically when you are buying a rotary laser, you want to get it in a kit because you not only get the laser, but you get the tripod and other helpful accessories as well. However, if you decided to save some money and just bought your rotary laser level without a kit, this Johnson 40-6350 kit can help you make up for that. What sets this tripod apart isn’t its materials or adjustments, those are pretty standard, but it is the fact that it comes with a grade rod.

If you don’t already have one, a grade rod can help determine differences in elevation. This is crucial if you are building on a sloping surface. With the inclusion of a grade rod and those helpful pointed feet, this is an excellent tripod for building outside where flat surfaces can’t always be found. Featuring heavy duty aluminum with a silver anodized finish and quick connections with its 5/8-inch x 11 mounting threads, the one potential downside of this tripod is that it comes up a little short. It only has a maximum height of five feet, which is plenty for many projects, but when compared to other models, it comes up wanting.

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