Makita Self Leveling Cross Point Laser Level SK103PZ Review


The Makita SK103Z Cross Point Self Leveling Laser Level is an “all in one” Solution to all of your Early Construction and DIY projects.

Typically used in the early parts of construction projects, your measurement needs will vary.  Precision is NEVER not necessary, though, and that’s where the Makita comes in.

This tool combines all of the laser leveling chores you may need into this one product.  If it’s within 50 feet need for measurement, this tool is going to get it done for you.

You name the duty and the Makita Self Leveling Cross Laser can help out:  All needed reference lines are provided.

Disclaimer:  We’ve reviewed a number of other quality laser levels.

Makita SK103PZ Laser Level Features

  • Accuracy:
  • Horizontal Line:  +/- 1/8 inch at 30 feet
  • Vertical Line: +/- 1/16 inch at 30 feet
  • Points: +/- 1/8 inch at 30 feet
  • Fast Set-Up and Leveling:  Stability achieved in 3 seconds via enhanced self-leveling capability.
  • Built to Last: Built-in pendulum lock for laser diode protection when in transport or packed.
  • Flexible:  Laser line fan length goes well past 90° and provides 180° horizontal line as well as 120° vertical line.
  • Best in Class Visibility:  The laser is a Class II 635 nm in even moderate or light ambient environments.
  • Works on Uneven Surfaces:  Self-leveling capabilities that easily handle up to 4° of slope.
  • Easy to Operate in Many Modes:  5 mode functions to conserve power by only using necessary functions for certain operations.  Only a 2 button user interface!
  • Bracket:  Built-in bracket allows for easy attachment to a tripod.
  • Detection up to 200 feet when in Pulse Mode and battery up to 35 hours!

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Makita also has an option for an entire laser level kit with tripod. Check here to see if it is still available.


The Makita only uses a red diode for a laser.  While red is the basic laser level color and it is pretty easy to see, during brighter times you’ll would usually opt for a green diode. The cost is kept down here by going red.  Read more about Red vs. Green lasers.


What Is Pulse Mode in Makita Laser Levels?

Pulse mode can extend runtime up to 35 hours. It’s like a cheap laser show at the Science Museum…but very underwhelming.  This is best used in darker situations as it drops the overall brightness but keeps your level going longer.

Is the Makita SK103PZ Durable?

The entire laser level is protected by a rubber outer coating that provides protection from some impacts, but you’ll want to check the calibration if it gets knocked off a sawhorse and hits the floor.

Will Water and Dust Affect the Laser Level?

The Makita laser level has an IP54 rating which means it’s moderately protected from dust and water.

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