Best Laser Tape Measure: Top Measuring Tools

Ready to trade in your trustworthy traditional tape, pencil and graph paper for modern, laser-accurate, measurements?  The best laser tape measure tools on the market are reviewed by our CEO, Raf Linquata.

Top Brands of Laser Tape Measureslaser tape measure

  • Bosch
  • Leica
  • Dewalt
  • Keenstone
  • Tacklife

Other brands:

  • General Tools
  • ieGeek
  • Cooltek

How Can a Laser Tape Measure Help You?

A laser tape measure can be much more efficient and precise than the conventional old tape measure.

  • They work faster.
  • No back and forth between points.
  • Easier to read.
  • Easy unit switch from feet and inches to fractions, decimals, etc.
  • No bends or twisting tapes to throw measurements off.
  • You just point and shoot!

Worried about being able to see your laser outside?  Check out this article!

We’ll start with a comparison of very reliable and trusted models and after that, you have a lot more information about what to expect from your new tool in the section below.

Which Laser Tape Measures Do We Recommend?

People probably didn’t expect the laser to redefine building, measuring and efficiency of everyday jobs all the way up to major construction projects.  I imagine that some people thought, “We’ll never be able to afford that fancy gadget!”.  And, now, anyone can have one!

Many of the models are kind of similar.  Some are close to identical. What really sets the good laser tape measures apart from the best ones is the range of the unit.  It’s all about the ability to point and shoot at a target as far away as possible and get an accurate measurement.

Rent or Buy

Ok, so you’ve decided that you need a laser tape measure.  Now, you just need to decide if you need to buy one or if you can just borrow or rent one.

First, determine what you’re going to need the laser distance measure for and how often you’ll be using it.  Lastly, organize what kind of measuring you’re going to be doing.

If see yourself using the distance measure for various, DIY, or odd jobs around the house then you might as well just go ahead and buy the laser measurement tool that you can afford and makes the most sense.

BUT…if you need a top laser tape measure that you’re only going to need for brief period of time, then you might want to rent one for a bit.

Comparison Table for the Best Laser Tape Measures

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Dewalt DW03050 165-Foot 

Capable of measuring up to 165 feet, the Dewalt DW03050 can go the distance. However, while short distances can be accurate of up to 1/16 in. when it comes to measurements between 130 feet and the maximum distance, that accuracy becomes 5/16 in. Although the accuracy is great, you will still need a target plate to get accurate numbers.

With a button to automatically calculate volume, it just gives the DW03050 added utility. It is also convenient as it saves the last five measurements so you don’t need to stop and write your measurements down. However, while it has sheer distance on its side, it lacks some of the many extra features that are included in other laser measure brands.

As for the device itself, it is built with that Dewalt sturdiness with a back-lit screen and housing that can stand up to a few bumps. Like most Dewalt tools, you can slip it in your pocket or store it in your toolbox and not worry about it breaking on you.

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Bosch DLR130K 

Discontinued by Manufacturer

This Bosch model looks, hands down, to be the most complex laser tape measure out there. However, its basic function is easy to use. The DLR130K measures up to 130 feet and gets it accurate within 1/16 in. Aside from just measuring distance, it has three other modes including area, volume, and continuous measurement. This does add more buttons on, but once you learn to use it, you get a versatile range of measurements.  Furthermore, all these measurements can be taken in both imperial and metric measurements and it has the ability to convert measurements when needed as well as store them.

While it does have a lot of buttons, it features an ergonomic grip and is extremely lightweight. One nice feature that you don’t find with many laser measuring tapes is that is vibrates when measurements are done instead of beeps in case you are wearing hearing protection. It is the little details and features that help this model stand out from the pack.

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Tacklife Advanced 

Like the Bosch DLR130K, the Tacklife Advanced Laser Tape Measure comes with a lot of buttons, but it also comes with a lot of features. It also comes in models that have a maximum distance of 131 feet as well as models that measure up to 196 feet, both giving highly accurate results with 1/8 of an inch. (click here for this awesome tool!) Alongside distance, the Tacklife is also a handy tool for measuring the area, volume, continuous measurements, and indirect measurements via the Pythagorean theorem.

Although the buttons can be a little less than intuitive, once you figure them out, it has a huge LCD, back-lit screen than makes the numbers easy to see even if your eyesight is going a little bad. The rubberized case also helps you feel a little safer than just its reasonable IP rating of 54.

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Bosch GLM 15 Compact

Laser tape measures don’t need to be just for professional craftsmen. Sometimes you don’t need one with a huge price tag and ten tons of functionality. Sometimes, you just need a laser tape measure that measures distance and does it well. The GLM 15 by Bosch is the model for the causal craftsmen. It has one button and pushing it will cause it to measure distance in continuous mode. It is worth noting that holding the button with cause the GLM 15 to hold that measurement as well.

Accurate with 1/8 in., the trade off with this model and its affordable price tag is that it only measures up to 50 feet. That still trounces the distance of a traditional tape measure, but it is significantly less than other laser models. Still, if you need more than 50 feet, you probably aren’t just a casual craftsmen. However, while it is sturdy enough to hang around in your toolbox, it doesn’t have a back-lit screen so it can make using it in direct sunlight an issue.

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Bosch GLM 35 

As a significant step up from the aforementioned GLM 15, the Bosch GLM 35 is our top pick for the best all-around laser tape measure. It doesn’t matter if you are a home, DIY guru or work in construction, the Bosch GLM 35 has the functionality and simplicity that both professionals and causal builders can enjoy with a reasonable price tag.

While its maximum range at 120 feet is not the longest range among laser tape measures, it is by no means the shortest either. With accuracy within a 1/16 in., that is a pretty impressive distance and will work for most situations.

As for other functionality, the GLM 35 can measure distance, area, length, and volume as well as can take continuous measurements and do addition and subtraction for you. Unlike its sibling, the GLM 15, the GLM 35 has a back-lit screen while also having the same sturdiness that comes with all Bosch model laser measures.

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Helpful Videos from Lowe’s on Using  Laser Tape Measure

Benefits of Laser Tape Measures

Men love new tools and laser tape measures will be both a resource and something they can boast about their husbands. Laser tape measurement is something of which you can be proud. It separates you from those people who use conventional metal. Men like it when they finish things faster and more accurately than others. Again, it all leads to competitiveness and a desire to be excellent. Laser tape measures would be an excellent way to reflect these features since they can allow anybody to measure things more quickly and precisely.

Laser tape measurements usually are quicker to use than traditional ones, and errors can be avoided by twisting or shrinking tape measurements. In addition, reading a digital measurement display is really easier than counting small lines on measurement tapes. Laser measurement complications of high ceilings and other areas that are difficult to reach are also eliminated.

Benefits of Using a Laser Distance Tool: Better than Alternative, Traditional Tools? 

Top Benefits

  • Ease of Use
  • Automatic Accuracy
  • Durability

Laser tape measurement is an alternative to a traditional metal measuring tapes, used to measure longitudes, widths, and heights up to 650 feet. They are usually seen to be accurate within an 8th of an inch if a distance of 300 feet is measured. Laser tapes are mainly used by insurance adjusters, contractors, flooring specialists, architects and others who conduct a lot of measurement. However, homeowners can also use this around the house easily.

How do Laser Tape Measures Work?

This is pretty cool.  It’s all timing.

The tech is great.  By measuring how long it takes for the laser to reach the desired point of measure, it knows how long and far away it is to within 1//16 or even 1/32!

To use the laser tape measurement, you put the device on one side and then target the laser beam so that something is hit on the other. Press the button, and the tape measures calculate the distance and show it on its screen if you have the laser at the right place. The calculation is performed via precise optics and laser physics using the method of phase shift, in which a laser hits an item and compares its reflection to the transmitted beam or using a flight time method where the time it takes is calculated to reflect an optical impulsion. Some laser measuring tapes allow you to measure multiple distances and then add them. Laser tape measures are equipped and equipped with modern features. This makes laser tape measurements the best present for your dad, your guy, your uncle, your sibling or a pal.

Can you Use a Laser Tape Measure Outside?

Yes!  We’ve written a pretty popular article on this subject here.  Just follow the guide there and you’ll be all set.

Accessories for Laser Measuring Tools

  • Soft Bag

Carry bags are important for sensitive laser tools, especially laser levels, but also for measuring devices.  Not only does a good bag keep your equipment safe, but it helps keep you organized.

  • Target Plate

If you’re measuring over moderate to long distances, then a laser targeting plate is essential.  These help by providing a reflective target for your laser to hit and ensures a precise reading.  There are many types of targetting plates.

  • Tripods

While not necessary for basic laser distance measuring tools, they are necessary for rotary laser levels.