How to Use a Laser Level with a Tripod


While many laser levels come with mounting, even the best laser level will only have a fraction of its functionality if you don’t use it with a tripod. While you can sometimes get away with using a laser level without a tripod indoors, you need a stand for outdoor use. It doesn’t matter if you are using a standard line laser or a rotary laser, keeping your laser level stable is crucial, and that is where tripods come in.

However, if you are new to the world of laser levels, using one with a tripod seems simple on paper, but once you try it, you find that it is a little less intuitive. Your laser level was a big purchase, so you want to make sure it doesn’t fall right off the tripod when you let go, after all.

However, if you have ever set up a camera with a tripod, the battle is already about 80 percent won. Even if you haven’t set up a tripod for a camera before either, this step-by-step guide will help solve the mystery of how you set up a tripod for your laser level.

  • The first step is to find a suitable flat area on the work site. As outdoor laser levels are a little more powerful, usually it doesn’t have to be right next to where you need your level, but close. While tripods with pointed feet can be placed on slopes, you may also have to calculate grade as well.
  • Once a suitable place has been found, you need to set up the tripod itself. This is usually the easiest step as most collapse down so you can move them around easily. However, you may need to attach other parts like telescoping poles and mounting threads to make it compatible with your laser level. While you can adjust the height, it is best to fine tune height adjustments after the laser level is attached.
  • Now it is time to mount the laser level. Start out by locating the bubble on both the level and the tripod. As you attach the laser level to the mounting threads, it is important that your laser level bubble and tripod bubble match up. Otherwise you won’t truly have a level product.
  • Once you have checked that the bubbles are aligned and the mounting is sufficiently tightened, you can fine tune any adjustments to the tripod itself. However, it is important that you remove the laser level from the tripod before folding it up and moving it. Those mounting threads are strong, but not strong enough to hold that laser level on there forever.

While tripods that are built for laser levels are created to be used outdoors and to withstand a number of different environmental conditions, one last tip for even veteran tripod users is to always clean your tripod after use. They are designed to be long-lasting, but especially if your tripod has moving parts then dust and moisture can dramatically reduce its life cycle. If nothing else, keep its joints clean and oiled.

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