How to See a Laser Level In Daylight

crosshairs of a laser level in an unfinished room

While laser levels are great for indoors work and especially handy for interior decorating, they do have one major flaw – most of the time, you can’t see the lasers outside. If you are working in a brightly-lit area or in direct sun, that bright laser beam you can see in the shade gets washed out.

Despite this, laser levels are still used for all sorts of outdoor tasks. From aligning fence posts to laying drainage pipe, laser levels are a crucial tool. However, it is not that outdoor construction workers wait until an errant cloud comes through to use their laser level, but they have ways of making it work even when the sun is shining.

How to Use a Laser Level in Sunlight

When it comes to seeing a laser level in daylight, you have several options.

The first is to choose a laser level with a different colored beam. The standard red beams get easily washed out by the sun, but the new green beams are easier to see even in sunshine. However, these green beams also have flaws, like how obviously more difficult they are to see when set against grass.

The second option is to work with a laser detector. This is a device that you put at the opposite end of the laser and move it until it catches the beam. This will help you make alignments and measurements, but it still won’t give you that visible guideline.

The final and best option for using a laser level in daylight is to use laser enhancing glasses. If you bought your laser level in a kit with tripod and other accessories included, likely you received a pair of these laser enhancing glasses. They are disguised as protective eyewear, but have either a red or green tint that can actually help your eye filter out the colors of light so you can better see the color of the laser.

How Do Laser Enhancing Glasses Work?

The reason that laser enhancing glasses are one solid color is that they work to eliminate other colors aside from the one that they are designed to make more visible. They don’t brighten the laser, but rather it removes other light waves that drown out the laser to the naked eye so the laser appears brighter. Not only do these glasses make the laser level beam easier to see in daylight, but even if you wear them on a cloudy day, they will greatly enhance the range you can see the laser beam as well.

While these glasses are essential for using a laser level in daylight and actually work really well as protective glasses, it is important to still be aware that laser enhancing glasses may drown out some other environmental factors. As it drowns out certain light waves, so you might not see other hazards on a work site right away. This is why you shouldn’t wear these glasses as your go-to protective eyewear, but should definitely switch into them when it is time to bust out the ol’ laser level.

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