How to Choose Your New Backyard Storage Shed


Homeowners will, at some point, need a little bit of extra storage space. It’s only natural; as families grow and acquire more things, then more room is required. You could always pay for expensive, monthly storage units, but that will kill you in the long run.
Choosing the kind of backyard storage shed that’s right for you, however, isn’t as simple as deciding you need one.

5 Considerations when selecting a Backyard Shed

  1.  What is the shed’s primary purpose going to be? Most of the time, you’re going to be mainly concerned with space. Space and more space is critical. Small sheds come in at 4 ft by 8 ft lean-to type cover for tools and such. My recommendation? Get as big as a shed space that you can afford. Don’t forget that if you shed is MORE than 100 sq. ft, then you’re going to need a building permit in most cities/towns.

  3. Will you be using the shed daily? If that’s the case, then you should be sure that there is space to move around, gives you plenty of access, and lighting. Natural light from windows or skylights work great during the day, but you are probably going to need electric light.

  5. Remember, you gotta’ stand out for the neighbors, right? Anything you build on your property can increase or decrease property value. Again, go for the nices that you can afford.

  7. And here’s where Top Laser Level comes in. Consider the accessibility and grade of the location where you want to place the shed. A level piece of land is the key to any project built on the land.

  9. Don’t degrade from the overall appearance of the neighborhood. Your neighbors don’t want an eye-sore next to their beautiful yards and homes. Before building, talk to your neighbors-they’ll appreciate it in the long run and save you headaches down the road.

You can order pre-made shed kits online at sites like Amazon and a few specialty sites, as well. Equally, if you’re handy and you have a great laser level, then you can build the backyard shed of your choosing and design.

Backyard sheds are not a small decision or purchase. Best to do some research and choose the one you want right from the get-go.

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