Bosch Self-Leveling Rotary Laser Level Kit Review


Best Rotary Laser Level for Construction Bosch Self-Leveling Rotary Laser Level Kit (GRL300HVK)

Bottom Line Up Front: This is the ultimate in laser level kits.  The Bosch GRL300HVK is a versatile, accurate, durable, and warrantied precision tool.

Pros Cons
Lots of choices for rotation speed and scan angle variations. May have some items you are not familiar with if you’re a beginner
Remote Control Included
Kit case included for protection and organization
Stout battery life

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Bosch has been leading the way in the scope of home and outdoor construction tools for a long time.  Their laser leveling tools and measurement technology is amongst the best in the business.

Bosch technology has among the most accurate and most durable laser levels on the market and it can be used for a variety of applications.  This full-kit, though, is what makes the self-leveling Bosch the best laser level for construction. Why?

Grade match is very important during construction projects. Laser levels with grade match have the capability to tilt and level with according to the grade that you want.

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What is this Bosch Laser Level Best Used for?

Indoor use for things like installation of drop ceilings, chair rails, temporary walls, and trim work.  Just use the wall or ceiling mount and controls.

Used for outdoor work a great deal, but you’re most likely to need a laser detector so that the laser is easier to see.  This kit comes with a receiver and protective glasses.

This is a great kit for any of the following outdoor projects:  grading a yard or field, construction, and much more.  This kit comes with a grade rod.

Complete Bosch Laser Level Kit

There’s nothing that this kit isn’t read for.  A remote, wall mount and a very sturdy case make this the laser level that’s worth buying this time around.

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2-Year Limited Warranty


Q: Can you use this laser level outside?

Yes, the Bosch is made to be used primarily outside and in ambient light.

Q: Does it come with a carrying case?


Q:  Is this kit good for leveling fields and working with grades?


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