Best Laser Level Kits: All The Equipment and Accessories that You Need

laser level kit by DewaltYou’re in the market for a laser level kit that can do it all. You don’t want to have to piece together a slew of different items under different purchases. That’s easy. We got kits for you. The hard part is determining which of these “best laser level kits” is going to fit your need.

Product manufacturers in this space compete to meet the variety of needs and preferences that people have in their particular needs.

However, when you are in the market to buy a laser level kit online from a trusted seller like Amazon, the variety of available options can be a bit overwhelming. We always, strongly recommend getting a kit that is made by a strong brand like Johnson, DeWalt, Bosch, Spectra, and PLS. (There are more, too. Those are just the brands that we have an intimate knowledge of.)

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So, we bring you a compilation of the best laser level kit reviews to make your purchase decision easier.

Whether you need to laser level some do it yourself (DIY) projects or you’re a professional home service provider, this buyer’s guide has got you covered.

(Also worthy of note is that all the options reviewed here are some of the best low budget laser level kit for the money. That’s as at the time of this writing. Now let’s check them all.)

5 Best Laser Level Kits

Johnson 40-0918 Laser Level Kit

Both for horizontal and vertical planes, this manual laser level kit serves perfectly well among construction tradesmen. From this model, you can get a rotation speed of up to 600 RPM. When in vertical mode, you should expect simultaneous 90 degrees split beam.

Regardless of your workstation, you don’t have to worry about lighting condition as this can be used in different levels of bright light. This is possible because of the vials that are perfectly illuminated for easy usage.

Based on our research this product has around 84% satisfaction level among past users from different segments.

This Johnson laser level kit comes with carrying case and a tripod. As for price, this is one of the best manual-leveling rotary laser level kit under $200 in 2018.


Dewalt Dw089 Self-Leveling Laser

Interestingly, one of the cool features that made this product stands out among competing models from other brands is the second plumb line. This is the reason why some people refer to it as a multi-line self-leveling laser. This feature forms a 90-degree intersecting line on the floor or ceiling. Practically, it eliminates the need for the second laser that may be required in some professional work settings.

For your layout applications, this same features also makes thing sot be easier and faster. Expectedly, this comes with a clean molded housing made of IP54 rated material.

Among other things, the three beam feature makes wall mapping and floor layout to be carried out easily without much exertion of effort. With this, you get 30 hours of battery life and 3-year warranty.


Bosch GRL300HVCK Rotary Laser Kit

In addition to your clean finish design, you get variable speed selection and variable scan angle customization with the Bosch GRL300HVCK laser kit. For a whole lot of reasons, I just thought that this review of the best laser level kits won’t be complete without this one. For one good reason, this is old “in hand” manufacturing.

Probably, you might have used one other product from this same brand. And now they’ve got what you are looking for. Interestingly, this is very affordable in comparison to many other models in the market.

Just as the name suggests, this is a self-leveling laser that works well for both vertical and horizontal use cases. As a complete kit, it comes with remote control, tripod, and mount.

Attached to the laser receiver is a clamp that works really well with the measuring pole.


Johnson 40-6517 Self Leveling Laser

If you are one of those people that have a preference for compact self-leveling laser, there you got it. Johnson 40-6517 have you covered both for indoor and outdoor use cases. In practical terms, this is a rotary laser which makes use of manual leveling in vertical mode.

When you are ready to buy laser level on Amazon, be sure to check what is available very well because they often have a kit and non-kit options.

This is very important even though you have an opportunity to return and replace within the allowed duration of time. For those professional tradesmen that travel a lot with their working tools, you should know that this one has an inner locking mechanism. This helps to protect the pendulum from disappointing damage before your work starts.

Interestingly, you can fit the tripod and grade rod perfectly into the carrying case. For pier foundation level and cabin construction, you will find this Johnson laser level very helpful.

We found this to be one of the best self-leveling lasers under $500 on Amazon.


Spectra Laser HV101GC-2 Kit

One of the things that make this Spectra laser attractive on the very first impression is the distinct design. Depending on your final option when looking for where to buy laser level kit online, you can find this mostly in yellow and black colors.

Inside the case, you’ll find all the accessories needed to get started on work at hand as fast as you can. This includes the laser, receiver, grade rod, tripod, clamp and alkaline battery.

However, this one comes up on the high end in terms of price comparison. The weight is about 30.1 pounds. Like most others in its category, you can use this for both outdoor foundations and indoor projects.

To establish slope in any working context, you can tilt the beam to get what you want as easily as possible. You can as well use the remote control to do the angle settings as well as on/off mode. Except for the price which stands a bit above $700, this could serve your need and preferences perfectly well.



From this point, you don’t have to click further a way to find the best laser level kits that is within your budget. If you have used any of the brands here before, you’ll already know that these are quality brands with a long history or superb manufacturing.